Our Customers


Indoor and Greenhouse

Cultivators are exposed to a wide range of risks, including break-ins and equipment damage. SafeHerb works with you from a variety of angles to reduce your risk exposure.


Harvest, Process, Quarantine, and Test

In many cases, processors need to comply with the same regulations as consumer-facing entities.


Product Development and Manufacturing

We work with manufacturers to provide exceptional coverage against issues like product liability or recalls.


Selling to Retailers and Distributors

For wholesalers looking to reduce their risk exposure throughout the buying and selling process.


Services With Approved Classification

SafeHerb can work with transporters to make sure they have the documentation and coverage needed to minimize risk for the company and its drivers.


Retail Operations

Dispensaries face significant risk exposure due to potential product issues or recalls. Our coverage can protect these businesses long after their product leaves the shelves.


Stand-Alone or Large-Scale Operation

We provide liability coverage to protects labs in the rapidly shifting world of testing and regulation for cannabis-based products.

Property Owners

Lease, Sublease, and Property Exposure

Many property owners may not know it, but they are exposing themselves to risk when they rent to a business in the cannabis industry.