General Liability

All classes of cannabis businesses need General Liability.

General Liability (GL) coverage can help protect a cannabis operation from a variety of third party claims including bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury, reputational harm and others that can arise from running a business. GL can help cover the costs for legal teams, witness fees, evidence costs and judgments or settlements. Typically, it only covers damage your business causes to others. This coverage is essential to all business owners and is likely required by law.

  • Lessor’s Risk Only
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability

Lessor’s Risk Only (LRO) insurance coverage protects a commercial landlord from property damage and bodily injury that a tenant incurs from using your property. All landlords should carry this coverage in tandem with General Liability.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto (HNOA) Liability insurance provides liability coverage for bodily injuries or property damage that you or your employees cause while driving for work. This protection applies to vehicles you “hire” (like a rental car) or vehicles your business doesn’t own (like employees’ personal vehicles). It is important to note that this only covers the liability of the business, not of the individual driving the vehicle.

Product Liability

We recommend all classes of cannabis businesses carry Product Liability. However, it is most essential to businesses that manufacture and process products. If your business touches the plant, you likely have liability.

Product Liability (PL) insurance helps protect your business from the fallout occurring in the event that your product causes injury or other damage to third parties. Consumers can be injured by how a product is manufactured, designed, or marketed. This may cause a major product withdrawal leading to lost revenue and increased costs. Even if a product is used incorrectly your business could still be liable for any damage that results. With little to no case law in the cannabis industry and an increasing rate of personal injury and product liability cases around the nation, this coverage is essential.

  • Product Recall/Withdrawal
  • Blanket Vendor Additional Insured

Product Withdrawal insurance helps cover the cost of recovering your products from the marketplace in the event a defect has caused or is expected to cause bodily injury or property damage.

Blanket Vendor Additional Insured insurance extends your Product Liability coverage to businesses who sell your products. This only covers bodily injury and property damage.

Commercial Property Insurance

Any cannabis business that owns property should cover it with a Commercial Property policy.

Commercial Property insurance can help protect your business’ physical assets from theft, fire, natural disaster, accidents and much more. This includes coverage for categories like your building, business property, improvements, inventory and equipment. Depending on your policy, this insurance can be very narrow or quite broad in coverage. SafeHerb’s policy is comprehensive and provides an extensive suite of covered perils. We even offer a special endorsement to increase your coverage by three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold depending on the unique needs of your business.

As part of our Commercial Property insurance, SafeHerb offers Business Income (BI) coverage. When your business suffers a property loss that slows or suspends your operations, this insurance helps pay for your lost income and expenses that your business would have under normal circumstances.

Crop Coverage

Crop coverage is important for indoor and greenhouse cultivators.

Crop coverage is purchased by cultivators growing indoors and in greenhouses alike. Our indoor and greenhouse crop coverage is extensive and includes a long list of covered perils. Contact us to learn which option best suits your business.

Cargo Coverage

Cargo coverage is highly recommended for any cannabis business that transports products.

Cargo insurance provides coverage for the freight or commodity hauled by your company. It covers your liability for cargo that is lost or damaged; including both cannabis goods and cash/securities. In the cannabis space this coverage is essential to any operation transporting products/cash between locations. Whether you are hauling your own goods or you are hired to haul someone else’s, this coverage is a necessity.